Restaurant Scheduling Software

Mobile Restaurant Staff Scheduling

Skeptical that you can schedule your restaurant in just a few minutes using a smartphone? Let us prove it to you in this short video.

Fast Scheduling on the Go

Build schedules directly from your mobile device anytime and anywhere. Scheduling headaches disappear without complicated software and with no time wasted.

Free For Small Restaurants

Unlimited free use for smaller-scale restaurants. Unbeatable economy for larger ones. Get a perfect work scheduling tool while saving costs.

Easy Labor Management

Effective shift planning just in a few clicks. Increase employee compliance, avoid no-shows and overtime, and turn labor savings directly into profit.

Simple and Efficient

A Better Way to Schedule

Excel, email, pen and paper – all tools that you can be used to create a schedule. But making schedules by hand takes a lot of time. Wouldn’t you prefer to spend that time managing your teams and focusing on your guests?

We are obsessed in building a staff scheduler that lets you create schedules with the absolute minimum amount of effort. In almost all cases, your first schedule will be completed in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Get a Free Schedule Setup Now!

Simply send us a picture of your schedule and we'll get you setup. There is no obligation and no credit card required

Restaurant Scheduling

Streamline your employee management

Schedules Made Simple allows you to eliminate overstaffing and understaffing problems that can eat your profits or cause poor performance and customer dissatisfaction. You will be able to identify coverage gaps, change shift assignments and calculate updated schedule costs all with a simple drag and drop… no eraser or calculator needed.

Tailored for restaurant business

Control over labor expense

Easy shift trades between employees

Efficient team management

Alerts to increase compliance

Staff engaged in scheduling process

Available on iOS, Android & Webapp

No matter if your employees use iPhone or Android, our native mobile apps are built to look great and load fast.

We give your workers tools including shift trades, automated time-off requests and shift reminders. When employees help manage their own schedules, morale goes up and your effort is dramatically reduced. Of course, you always have full control and can allow as much, or as little, self-service as you wish.